Kelsey Duracat7 is a durable touring S/FTP Cat7-rated data cable for transmission of digital signals up to 600MHz.

Kelsey GP Cable

Kelsey 2 core 0.75mm General Purpose (GP) control speaker power cable is a purpose-built range of low cost install cable similar to YY types.

Kelsey DMX Cable

The DMX range has been developed to meet the high demand for a superior professional digital cable.


Kelsey Duracat5e is a durable touring S/UTP Cat5e-rated data cable for transmission of digital and analogue signals up to 200MHz


Kelsey Combi-1 is a hybrid signal and power cable designed for use in touring and repeat use applications.

3×3 Way Power Distribution Unit

Kelsey’s PD-3×3-LP low profile power distribution unit provides a neat, tidy solution for fast power distribution in stage, studio and touring environments.