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New Installation Cables Regulation

The new Construction Products Regulations (commonly known as CPR) for all installation cables came into effect in July 2017. The new regulation requires  all installation cables must be tested by a notified body. Notified bodies, such as BASEC must prove the cables performance to the reaction to the fire properties laid out in EN50575. Once the cable has been approved by a notified body, a Declaration of Performance (DoP) document is required. This must be supplied by the manufacturer. The performance levels of each cable must also be shown on the product labels as part of new CE marking requirements.

As defined by legislation, installation cables are ‘any cable for incorporation, in a permanent way, in construction works’. Installation cables can be data, audio, video, power, copper or fibre. The fire properties in EN50575 cover flame propagation, heat release, flame spread, smoke production, acidity and flaming droplets. CPR is a legal requirement under UK law and can be enforced by the HSE and Trading Standards.

What about current stock?

Distributors and customers with cable currently in stock should not worry about existing stock. Cables manufactured prior to July 1st 2017 do not require a DoP and can still be sold and installed.