Kelsey Combi-1 Power and Signal Cable


£8.01 ex. VAT


Screened Mains for Improved Interference Shielding

Universal Twisted Pair Suitable for AES, DMX and Analogue Signals.

Perfect Solution for Powered Speakers and Professional Lighting.


Kelsey Combi-1 is a hybrid signal and power cable designed for use in touring and repeat use applications. The signal part is a twisted pair, braided screened universal digital/analogue cable able to run standard analogue, digital AES/EBU and DMX signals. The power section is a 3 core 2.5mm cable designed for max 240Vac 16amp depending on length. The power section is also screened for extra interference shielding making this cable ideal for longer runs. Both sections are individually jacketed allowing for easy termination. As part of the construction we have used fillers within the cable to maintain shape and prevent coiling after multiple use. This product has been designed for professional use within the Sound and Lighting industries and can be used with products like amplified speakers and/or wedges as well as lights with DMX control.