Kelsey’s custom manufacturing facility is a centre of excellence manned by a team of professional specialists who know the industry intimately and understand a broad spectrum of applications. The team makes a range of items including power distribution units, stage cable systems and can even pre-fabricate studio and theatre builds. Products are used extensively in theatres, studios and other major venues, as well as being the de facto standard for many touring and hire companies across the UK. To see some examples follow the link to our Kelsey Custom Shop portfolio.

Built to be rugged, reliable and enduring, Kelsey Custom Shop produces high-quality hardware tailored precisely to your requirements. All our products are RoHS and WEEE compliant and are CE marked. Mains products are fully tested for polarity and safety.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or call us +44 (0) 1582 870 305.

Bespoke Power Requirements

Our custom workshop is well versed in fabricating bespoke power systems, from simple cable ended stage outlets to sophisticated high-current three-phase systems. Typical systems may include rack-mount units that manage signal, speaker and power or may be complete power management panels for venues.

Line Systems

Kelsey has specialised in line systems since its inception over 30 years ago, supplying rigs for some of the worlds major acts and shows. If you need anything from a classic Kelsey ‘pull out and plug up’ drum system to a full touring line rig then we have the expertise and experience to provide the best.


We often work with installation companies to provide pre-terminated looms ready to be run into place on site. This is one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to realise installations in studios and theatres.

Made-to-Measure Cables

We can supply all standard cables to your requirements, such as microphone cables, lighting and DMX, Socapex, multiway looms, snakes, speaker cables and data cables. We also manufacture a wide range of multicore, stage box and cable drum systems to individual specifications. Please call us for more information.

Specialist Products

Here at Kelsey we also have the expertise to design and manufacture individual products for specialist requirements. These can be simple connector box tools, such as the Kelsey Babelfish we created for Fuzion or more complex systems which can include PCB design and build. We incorporate other products and devices to create a complete solution precisely engineered to your application.