Kelsey Acoustics is one of the leading professional cable and interconnection brands within the UK. Kelsey has a long and rich history in pro audio, reaching from the early days of live sound innovation to the supply of infrastructure solutions to the entertainment and broadcasting worlds right up to the modern day. 

Kelsey cable has formed the backbone of countless worldwide touring systems and the infrastructure for scores of studios, theatres, and music venues. We complement our own extensive portfolio with market-leading products, enabling us to offer complete one-stop solutions. We also offer an OEM custom manufacturing service tailored to help our clients to achieve their vision.

As a division of Optikinetics, Kelsey Acoustics continues to strengthen its portfolio with the development of innovative products and solutions.

To find out more about Kelsey Acoustics’ heritage and the audio pioneer whose name the company proudly bears to this day, read our story: Kelsey: A Name Rooted in Sound.

Global Power

Global Mains Voltages and Plug Patterns Below are comprehensive listings for worldwide voltages and plug types. Countries are listed by

Speakon Pin Assignment

Kelsey SPL core colour pin assignment for Neutrik Speakon connectors         Core Colour Speakon Pin Assignment 2-Pin

Conversion Guides

Some handy look-up and conversion charts, such as SWG/AWG wire gauge sizing and PG/metric gland sizing.