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Global Mains Voltages and Plug Patterns

Below are comprehensive listings for worldwide voltages and plug types. Countries are listed by geographic region initially, then alphabetically. These charts show the nominal single phase voltages for each country. There is a standard tolerance of 10% allowance but in some areas (particularly in developing countries) the tolerances may be much greater, as are variations from the listed nominal frequencies.

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Information listed here is for general guidance and, although we endeavour to provide correct and up-to-date data, the listings below cannot be guaranteed and you should check with the appropriate authorities for more accurate information. However, if you spot any glaring errors please let us know!

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CountryVoltageFrequency (Hz)Plug Type(s)Notes
Albania22050C, F, LStandard sockets are F and L. Type C sockets will accept type L plugs.
Armenia23050C, F 
Austria23050C, F 
Azerbaijan23050C, F 
Balaeric Islands22050C, F 
Belgium23050C, E 
Bosnia & Herzegovina22050C, F 
Bulgaria23050C, F 
Canary Islands22050C, E, F, L 
Channel Islands23050C, G 
Croatia23050C, F 
Czech Republic23050C, E 
Denmark23050C, E, K 
Estonia23050C, F 
Faroe Islands22050C, K 
Finland230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
France230 (formerly 220)50C, E 
Germany230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Greece230 (formerly 220)50C, FType C used in all new installations. Corfu is 220V.
Hungary23050C, F 
Iceland23050C, F 
Ireland230 (formerly 220)50GIn older installations types D, F or M sockets may be found.
Italy230 (formerly 220)50C, F, L 
Latvia22050C, F 
Liechtenstein23050C, J 
Lithuania22050C, F 
Luxembourg230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Macedonia22050C, F 
Moldova22050C, F 
Monaco127 & 22050C, D, E, F 
Netherlands230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Norway23050C, F 
Poland230 (formerly 220)50C, E 
Portugal (inc. Madeira & The Azores)22050C, F 
Romania230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Serbia22050C, F 
Slovak Republic23050C, E 
Slovenia23050C, F 
Spain230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Sweden230 (formerly 220)50C, F 
Switzerland23050C, JType E may be found in some older installations and is generally compatible with type J.
Turkey23050C, F 
Ukraine22050C, F 
United Kingdom23050GTypes D and M may be found in older installations. Former voltage 240V in mainland Britain, supply voltage remains centred around this. Isle of Man is 240V.
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Middle East
CountryVoltageFrequencyPlug Type(s)Notes
Bahrain23050GAwali 110V/60Hz.
Iran22050C, FType C is less common. Type F used for all new installations.
Israel23050C, H, M 
Jordan23050B, C, D, F, G, J 
Kuwait24050C, G 
Lebanon24050A, B, C, D, G 
Oman24050C, GVoltage fluctuations are common!
Pakistan23050C, D, G, MKarachi Electric Supply Corporation standard is 240V/50Hz.
Palestine23050C, H, M 
Qatar24050D, G 
Saudi Arabia127 & 22060A, B, F, GDual-voltage system across the country. Unification to 230V is a possible near-future step.
Syria22050C, E, L 
Tajikistan22050C, I 
Turkey23050C, F 
Turkmenistan22050B, F 
United Arab Emirates22050C, D, G 
Uzbekistan22050C, I 
Yemen23050A, D, G 
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CountryVoltageFrequencyPlug Type(s)Notes
Algeria127 / 22050B, F 
Angola22050A, B 
Benin22050C, E 
Botswana23050D, G, M 
Burkina Faso22050C, E 
Burundi22050C, E 
Cameroon22050C, E 
Cape Verde22050C, F 
Central African Republic22050C, E 
Chad22050D, E, F 
Democratic Republic of Congo22050C, D 
Republic of Congo23050C, E 
Djibouti22050C, E 
Equatorial Guinea22050C, E 
Ethiopia22050C, E, F, L 
Ghana23050D, G 
Guinea22050C, F, K 
Ivory Coast23050C, E 
Liberia120 & 24050 (formerly 60)A, B, C, E, FTypes A & B used for 110V/120V, types C & F used for 230/240V.
Libya12750D, LBarca, Benghazi, Darnah, Sabha and Tobruk are 230V.
Madagascar127 & 22050C, D, E, J, K 
Mali22050C, E 
Mauritius23050C, G 
Morocco127 & 22050C, EConversion to a 220V standard is in progress.
Mozambique22050C, F, M 
Namibia22050D, M 
Niger22050A, B, C, D, E, F 
Nigeria24050D, G 
Rwanda23050C, J 
Senegal23050C, D, E, K 
Sierra Leone23050D, G 
South Africa23050C, MIEC 60906-1 also used.
Sudan23050C, D 
Togo22050CLome is 127V.
Tunisia23050C, E 
Zambia23050C, D, G 
Zimbabwe22050D, G 
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Asia & The Pacific
CountryVoltageFrequencyPlug Type(s)Notes
Bangladesh22050A, C, D, G, K 
Bhutan23050D, F, G, M 
Burma (Myanmar)23050C, D, F, G 
Cambodia23050A, C, G 
China22050A, C, I 
East Timor22050C, E, F, I 
Hong Kong22050GType M used (rarely) where required current is 13-15A.
India23050C, D, MResidential power is 240V.
Indonesia22050C, F, GType G is rare.
Japan10050 & 60A, BEast Japan is 50Hz (Tokyo, Kawasaki, Sapporo, Yokohama and Sendai), West Japan is 60 Hz (Okinawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya and Hiroshima).
Kazakhstan22050C, E, FVoltage fluctuations are frequent due to unstable electrical system.
Korea22060C, FType F also used in South Korea.
Laos23050A, B, C, E, F 
Macau22050D, M, GType F also found occasionally.
Malaysia230/24050C, G, MOfficial standard is 230V although 240V is more common.
Maldives23050A, D, G, J, K, L 
Mongolia22050C, E 
Myanmar (Burma)23050C, D, F, G 
Nepal23050C, D, M 
New Zealand23050I 
Papua New Guinea24050I 
Philippines22060A, B, C 
Russian Federation22050C, F 
Singapore23050C, G 
Sri Lanka23050D, M, G 
Tahiti110 & 22050 & 60A, B, EMarquesas Islands are 50Hz.
Taiwan11060A, B 
Thailand22050A, B, C, FUnearthed type I also found.
Vietnam22050A, C, GType A is standard in North Vietnam, type C is standard in South Vietnam.
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North America
CountryVoltageFrequencyPlug Type(s)Notes
Canada12060A, BLarger buildings may have 3-phase power at 208/120V or 600/347V.
Greenland22050C, K 
United States12060A, B 
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Central & South America
CountryVoltageFrequencyPlug Type(s)Notes
Antigua23060A, B 
Argentina22050CNote that neutral and live wires are reversed!
Bahamas12060A, B 
Belize110 & 22060A, B, G 
Bermuda12060A, B 
Bolivia22050A, C 
Brazil127 & 22060A, B, C, IIEC 60906-1 also used post-2010.
Chile22050C, L 
Columbia12060A, BSome high-powered devices use 240V.
Costa Rica12060A, B 
Cuba11060A, B 
Dominica23050D, G 
Dominican Republic11060A, B 
Ecuador12060A, B 
El Salvador11560A, B 
Falkland Islands24050G 
Guatemala12060A, B 
Haiti11060A, B 
Honduras11060A, B 
Jamaica110 & 22050A, B 
Mexico12760A, B 
Nicaragua12060A, B 
Panama11060A, BPanama City is 120V.
Peru22060A, B, CSome areas are 50Hz. Talara is 110/220V.
Puerto Rico12060A, B 
Suriname12760C, F 
Trinidad & Tobago11560A, B 
Uruguay230 (formerly 220)50C, F, LNote that neutral and live wires are reversed! Type I also found (rarely).
Venezuela12060A, BType G 240V used for some high-powered devices.
Virgin Islands11060A, B 
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