Kelsey ATM Instrument (Mono) Cable


£1.90 ex. VAT


Oxygen Free Copper

Exceptionally Low Capacitance and Noise

Carbon Shield


Guitar cables have a hard life. These cables are thrown around, walked on, run over and generally mistreated over their lifespan. A rugged construction is a must but performance quality is also an important factor. Maintaining this performance consistently whilst standing up to punishment is a tall order. Kelsey’s ATM-INST instrument cable is fabricated with a tough outer jacket that is smooth enough to assure easy dragging across the stage but strong enough to withstand musicians’ requirements, whilst offering high tonal quality and bright, clear sound. Our special semiconductor carbon shield placed between the inner insulator and the screen helps to avoid hum and crackling noises when the cable is moved. Low capacitance ensures sparkling highs and allows longer runs without any nasty surprises. The cable is very flexible and copes with bending and coiling with ease.
Diameter of the cable and soft PVC outer jacket allows easy stripping/termination and ensures that the cable holds well in both XLR and Jack plug cable clamps.

Note: When terminating, make sure that the black semiconductor inner screen does not touch the inner conductors. We recommend stripping this screen back at least 3mm from the end of the inner insulator.



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