Kelsey ATM Starquad Microphone Cable Black


£2.50 ex. VAT


Oxygen Free Copper

Exceptionally Low Capacitance and Noise

Anti-kink Design, High Flexibility, Outer Jacket

Quad Pair for Best RF Rejection


ATM-ST is a helically screened analogue signal cable developed by Kelsey to meet a high demand for superior professional starquad microphone cable. The outstanding performance of ATM-ST has made it the popular choice for studios and touring companies for many years. Its durability, exceptionally low capacitance, low noise and high copper content offers superior performance while the sturdy yet flexible composite jacket easily endures life on the road. With its anti-kink design, cotton fillers to eliminate microphony and double twisted quad for better noise cancellation, ATM Starquad is the best choice for optimum performance.



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