Kelsey 19″ 2U 32A 3 Phase powerCON Distribution Unit

SKU: KO.PD323-6P

£425.00 ex. VAT


6x powerCON Outputs on Individual Breakers

13amp Socket on the Front

2U 19″ Steel Construction


Experience the Kelsey difference. Our rackmount power distribution units are designed to meet the highest industry standards, providing you with a professional-grade solution that consistently delivers exceptional results. Don’t settle for anything less than seamless operation and utmost convenience – choose Kelsey’s rackmount power distribution units and elevate your power distribution capabilities to new heights.

The PD323-6P is a 2U 19″ 32Amp 3 Phase distribution unit with 6x powerCON outputs, 4x IEC and a single 13a socket. powerCON outputs are paired per phase each with there own 16Amp MCB breaker, allowing a max 32Amp to be drawn per phase. The 4x IEC’s are on 10a thermal breaker and you have power indicators per phase for your convenience.