Kelsey Mini powerCON Distribution Box


£175.00 ex. VAT


20amp powerCON input to 7x powerCON Outputs

20amp thermal protection

M8 fixings for “flying” or can be freestanding

Steel construction


Kelsey’s Mini powerCON power box is part of our range of power distribution units – the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable power distribution in stage, studio, and touring environments. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our units feature robust steel casings that withstand the rigors of any setting, while their user-friendly design ensures effortless installation.

The PD-6P-M is a mini distro with a 20amp powerCON input to 7x powerCON outputs, thermal protection, power indictor and M8 fixings for “flying”. Making it perfect for any environment where powerCON power distribution is needed.